Monday, March 10, 2008

Teen Tech Week Workshops, or TTWW??

Part I: Here at Silver Creek, we tried to set up workshops about emerging and current tech for students and teachers...thanks to a suggestion from Jennifer at Horizon High School.

SETUP: First I reserved the library computers and space for the last 1/2 hour of every block Thursday and Friday. Then I went to study hall teachers, guided study and others to get their students to sign up. I also made this available for students with a free period AND teachers. Classes were taught in the library. "Cheat Sheets" were created for each application if they wanted to explore on their own.

DESIGN: I planned on introducing tools that I think the students should be using: online multimedia tools like Voicethread or Slideshare; online photo sharing/editing tools like Flickr or Photobucket; book sources Library Thing; productivity software like Google and ZOHO and of course how to embed code in your blog/web presence- using VOKI as an example.

Process: 10-15 minutes of intro. 10-15 minutes of hands on work time. Then, 5-10 minutes of final links like, Zamar and wrap up.

Implementation and post!

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