Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dewey Know What is happening @ your library?

Library Volunteers needed to rebuild library

Need to do some browsing @ your library? Well soon you’ll be able to do just that when Silver Creek’s library initiates the BISAC (Book Industry Standards and Communications) cataloging system. The “bookstore system” will make it much easier to browse and select books using subjects rather than the existing Dewey Decimal System. Mr Goerner, Teacher librarian said “I really think students would like to grab their latte and search the Technology & Engineering or Political Science sections when doing their 1920’s research. It seems like lots more fun than using the look up station to find Dewey sections 629.8 and 364.”

Why the switch? Well Goerner says that lots of things have changed since Melvin Dewey developed his initial classification system in 1876. “We need to reflect the current needs of our users” Goerner said. “The change will allow Silver Creek to be more like bookstores with nooks and corners aimed to create a sense of privacy."

Volunteer help is needed to transport and re-catalogue all 9858 library items. Work will be done to transferring from 10 current classification areas to nearly 50 “subject headings”. SCHS Book Buddies members commented that the change seemed like a positive one. Kira Gerbitz stated “I already have 527 books in my online Shelfari account and the categories will match Silver Creeks new system exactly! It will be very exciting to see how other Silver Creek kids will like it- it will be so easy to find everything!”

**Submitted to student paper February 09. Can you tell this is tongue in cheek? Hope so- would want you to think I was upsetting the apple cart! :)