Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To post or not to post?

We had the local city council candidates in a panel last week. Students had some good questions and things went pretty smoothly. There were some issues that have been running under the surface of the election that have been hot button issues that came to light during the panel. Voiced got elevated, fingers started pointing and there was lots of groaning/jeering from the students. Perhaps not the most flattering moment for these candidates.

Question- we have students that weren’t able to participate that would like to see it. We recorded the 30 minute segment on a flip cam and it is a rather large file. Our host/social studies teacher would like to just post it online on something like Youtube. He says there are lots of folks wondering about this and they should see the real thing rather than hear the stories. We didn’t have written permission from the candidates to film this public forum.

What risk do we run if we post? What things should we consider before we post it? Should be fun to hear what you have to say!