Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Marians Feb 2017 meeting notes

Becky Russell Marians Feb 21, 2017
Brief notes
By me, Phil g

Special guest:
Becky Russell
School Library/Digital Literacy Instructional Specialist

Main Focus of our chat was about the Highly Effective recognition Program].
The recognition program foundation is based on the foundation of the 2016 Highly Effective School Library Program (HESLP) Evaluation Rubric . This library program guide rubric has some detailed components in it for exemplary libraries. Some schools/district use this as a basis for their evaluation.

The recognition program focuses on 5 main areas aligned with the CDE teacher library evaluation units. Much of the measurements are student centric.  It is set up with 1 component from each of the 5 areas.  (Phil’s copy from the website of these certs)
  • Planning
  • Instructional Specialist
  • Leadership
  • Library Environment
  • Library Management

The notion is to focus on one aspect, gather and provide exemplary evidence (usually 2 pieces for each unit) and submit that to your administrator. Then as you meet with your administrator and go over the rubric you should determine if you are, they fill out the form (found on the CDE site).
CDE staff reviews the information, and if all is in order you are awarded your certification for this area.  

As I understood it all library staff: Instructional school librarians,media clerks, and media techs are all eligible to earn certification in any or all of 5 areas. There is no time limit on submission, or requirement to complete all 5.

There is also no fee for submission- it is all FREE FREE FREE!

If one has been awarded all 5 badges, you have earned the right to apply for the Distinguished School Library Program of the Year.
It requires 2 letters of support, a portfolio, and some other items. Looks like you have some time to apply- next applications need to do so by Feb 1st, 2017.

I would really encourage all of you to rush out there and get some of these certificates! So many of you are already doing this good work, it would be great for you to get recognized.

If you need any assistance, I would be happy to chat. Or, you can contact Becky Russell at the above address!

We did have a bit of fun at this meeting. Please plan on joining us for the March Meeting. Phil will send out a poll for dates that might work.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017


#sourcesofstrength training for staff and students

Peer led social networks that promote positive change, suicide prevention, bullying and substance abuse.
Starting at Silver Creek.