Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Marians Feb 2017 meeting notes

Becky Russell Marians Feb 21, 2017
Brief notes
By me, Phil g

Special guest:
Becky Russell
School Library/Digital Literacy Instructional Specialist

Main Focus of our chat was about the Highly Effective recognition Program].
The recognition program foundation is based on the foundation of the 2016 Highly Effective School Library Program (HESLP) Evaluation Rubric . This library program guide rubric has some detailed components in it for exemplary libraries. Some schools/district use this as a basis for their evaluation.

The recognition program focuses on 5 main areas aligned with the CDE teacher library evaluation units. Much of the measurements are student centric.  It is set up with 1 component from each of the 5 areas.  (Phil’s copy from the website of these certs)
  • Planning
  • Instructional Specialist
  • Leadership
  • Library Environment
  • Library Management

The notion is to focus on one aspect, gather and provide exemplary evidence (usually 2 pieces for each unit) and submit that to your administrator. Then as you meet with your administrator and go over the rubric you should determine if you are, they fill out the form (found on the CDE site).
CDE staff reviews the information, and if all is in order you are awarded your certification for this area.  

As I understood it all library staff: Instructional school librarians,media clerks, and media techs are all eligible to earn certification in any or all of 5 areas. There is no time limit on submission, or requirement to complete all 5.

There is also no fee for submission- it is all FREE FREE FREE!

If one has been awarded all 5 badges, you have earned the right to apply for the Distinguished School Library Program of the Year.
It requires 2 letters of support, a portfolio, and some other items. Looks like you have some time to apply- next applications need to do so by Feb 1st, 2017.

I would really encourage all of you to rush out there and get some of these certificates! So many of you are already doing this good work, it would be great for you to get recognized.

If you need any assistance, I would be happy to chat. Or, you can contact Becky Russell at the above address!

We did have a bit of fun at this meeting. Please plan on joining us for the March Meeting. Phil will send out a poll for dates that might work.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017


#sourcesofstrength training for staff and students

Peer led social networks that promote positive change, suicide prevention, bullying and substance abuse.
Starting at Silver Creek.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

ISTE 2016

It was the people at #ISTE2016 who were awesome:

Was cool to meet Theresa Lau (from #AmazonEducation) as well as blogger/English teacher Jeff Krapels at CoffeeEdu

At the #ISTElib reception love meeting with   & wonderful time!

And at the #ISTElib breakfast with @MaryVulcani  and @largeswope 

And more breakfast buddies like @lmoseleyramsey,

Finally- wonderful connections at the #overdrive reception with

Saturday, June 25, 2016

EdCamp Longmont

EdCamp Longmont WebsiteCourseware and even Eventbrite are all live as of today!

We hope you would like to join us September 17th and are ready to take your information. Looking forward to a great day of learning and collaborating in this wonderful Unconference format.

The next step is to found these wonderful folks that would like to donate food or swag for the great, hard working educators for this event. If you would like to donate or support this event, please contact me via email or Twitter @pgoerner

Thank you all- looking forward to this!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Raspberry Pi

Our Makerspace kids have been messing around with our new Raspberry Pi 3.
We have a student that brought a Raspberry Pi and we have one, so there is lots to explore. 
These are amazing little machines!

We needed a Mini-SD card, power supply cord, ethernet cord and HDMI cord. 

One of the first things they did is download the Raspbian operating system 
They also are exploring operating systems:
- Midori is a lightweight browser that works nice
- Light Firefox is supposed to work as well
PI installs the OS on the Raspberry Pi
The kids love messing around, installing and re-installing operating system and exploring things.  
It needed a case, so they printed one on the 3D printer. Nice
3D printed case

Great Gatsby companion book project and booktalks

One of my English teachers gave me a challenge for some booktalks.

After her class read The Great Gatsby, her goal was to have them read a independent novel that would also show the themes of the great Gatsby before the end of the year. This, I discovered was a tough thing.  So, if any of you have suggestions...I would REALLY like to hear them!

My clerk and even our Parent volunteer began to hunt. we found classic read alikes (which wasn't really what we needed.) We searched by themes in our library catalog Destiny. I had used to remind myself of the themes.  We were using those as a guide to try to find books with those themes.

I thought- surely some great teacher or librarian has already done this and posted. We found a few sites with suggestions, but no one site with 30 independent novels. :(

With thanks from my english teacher wife we came up with some. She suggested we use the them of the American Dream, or the American Dream gone bad. This helped tremendously, but often I still didn't see the tie in.

I wouldn't say we were tremendously successful in finding perfect books (but to be honest the kids didn't really care to much...they just wanted the romance, or the action or the money/power).  Here is the list of books we came up with ...with teasers posted (by the publishers) on GOODREADS. Take it with a grain of salt...sure could use some suggestions and ideas. We were a bit limited by our I'm looking to beef that up a bit.

As far as presentation, I had a idea. The book club and I just attended the Colorado Teen Lit Conference where the kids and I went to a session Judge the Book By the Cover with  Catherine Boddie (@CatherineBoddie) and Bridget Kiely (@ALDBridget) from Arapahoe Library District. They did this cool thing modeled after ideas they got from where you rate the book by it's cover. They set images of books up side by side in a preso.

So, I attempted (lamely) the same thing. We put covers of books (see my preso) on the screen and the kids judged them. In some cases I had them choose the best cover and I told about that one first. In other cases I booktalked one of the books and they had to choose which one was the right one.

It was just a different way to do a booktalk. I liked the potential of this, but the combination of me rushing to get this done in time and an then presenting to a 7:30am quiet class of underclassment gave it a lackluster finish.

Oh- I almost forgot. I found some really cool resources on the Gatsby Curated by Stephen Cunningham and was blown away by the #6 The Roaring 20's Sound Museum with amazing sound clips, newsreels and stories from NYC in the 1920's. 100's of hyperlinks you activate when you hover over them. We've GOTTA use these next time we teach Gatsby! 

Friday, April 01, 2016

Other stuff happened 2015

NAO robot challenge in June
  • met weekly at Innovations Center 
    • with Alderbaren
    • practicing on own with other students and Innovations Center staff
  • competition in Stewart Auditorium 
    • 4 games, I think we did 3
    • trophies and mini-Nao's for competitors
Edcamp Longmont
  • planning committee meets in spring, and late summer
  • food, PD credit, prizes etc all worked out ahead of time
  • 60-120 folks preregistered, over 100 folks came