Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Question # Dos

As a spin off from Teen Tech Week, my Spanish teacher is now using VOKI avatars.
Her current assignment is to have students tell their favorite restaurants, and foods. Even though it is not required, then can create a VOKI and respond right on her blog. She has been very pleased with the variety and amount of responses. Because of the technology, her year 1 Spanish students are loving it and doing good work.

Check out her blog: Clase de Espanol. Make sure to click on the little clipboard/notebook to hear and see the students responses!


Mrs. Ackerman said...

Hmmm.... I'm going to see if one of my foreign language teachers wants to do this.
Not sure exactly how they are using the VOKI for the language...? All I know about vokis is they are free, they look cute, & their eyes follow the mouse. And they speak in computerized voices. Give us more details please, Phil!

Mrs. Ackerman said...

We went to your link & had so much fun watching & listening to the student vokis!!! What a great idea!! I sent it on to my German teacher who is having students create blogs.
Thank you Ms. Nelson!