Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Marians Meet...

At our most recent Marian's meeting Dr Laura challenged us to think about an aspect of collaboration that I had not before...methods of assessment. We viewed a philosophy from a library that included assessing for knowledge and misconceptions about a subject BEFORE you teach your collaborative lessons. Then finding active realistic methods of assessing She stressed that we "must continue to show that we are active partners of all aspects of collaboration- even assessments." Yeah!

LISZEN is a unique search engine for libraries that allows you to search over 500 library blogs using Google’s new Custom Search service. I haven't tried it too much but I think it could be very useful!

I found a really good library pathfinder site from Lakewood High School with 100's of cool resources for units that the librarian teaches with her staff. I think there are almost more here than Joyce Valenza has! Either one you choose - these are great resources.

I'm also sharing the new
Google's tools for educators (we are using calendar and spreadsheets) quite a bit, but I'd like to play with Sketch Up some more.

Have a good week- I've got to go fix a projector!


LegacyKim said...

Speaking of Lakewood High School, Agnes Benko, the librarian at Lakewood H.S. in Colorado wants to join our Marian group to see how we organize and

LegacyKim said...

...and what we do for topics, etc. In Jeffco, the high school librarians will lose their clerks next year! There will be one person per library. Yikes!! They are hiring instructional coaches. Their district librarian has changed and the new one doesn't get librarians together for meetings very often. So the high school librarians would like to form a Marian group so they can collaborate, support, and learn from each other! She'll be at our Dec. 8 meeting.