Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Aggregators Unite!

There are several choices for aggregators these days. (Remember these are those things that let you know when a blog or podcast you are following gets updated)

The all time librarian favorite is BlogBridge which is software you need to download and install on your computer. This is a tough option for schools and educators that don't often use their own machines.

The second best choice for educators is to open a free account on Bloglines.com. Then you can click the "feeds" tab and select ADD FEEDS to paste the URL of LibPower into Bloglines.

The new version of Internet Explorer 7 has the capability of adding FEEDS too. But if you are going to download and install that, get FLOCK - another blog friendly search engine. (I think it is better.

If all else fails- try clicking on the ATOM feed button on the side of this blog and add it that way! Keep getting updates - and share great blogs that you have read! ~guybrarian

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