Friday, January 30, 2009

DPS librarian preso...

Enjoyed presenting to the Denver Public Schools librarians last Monday. We looked at are some of my favorites!

Grammar Girl: Quick and dirty tips for better writing Nice blog and podcast for grammar tips.

Geek!ed is group of tech folks from MI who meet once a week to talk about what cool thing are going on in their schools. These folks love to laugh!

Radiolab: ( One of the best story telling podcast I have ever listened too. From NPR this is often a science-oriented podcast that offers topics like Choices, Wright Bros etc.

Library of Congress: Brand new site I found that looks like it has tons of booktalks, interviews, and lectures...seems to have a podcast on music.

Book Lust with Nancy Pearl Can't make a list without books. This is our own action figure Nancy Pearl as she interviews famous authors and poets on her Seattle-based program.

EPN: The Educational Podcast Network is a listing from David Warlick's Landmark Project that lists educationa podcasts by and for students and teachers.

The Wild Chronicles: great short videos created by National Geographic.

Geek brief tv: video cast by Cali Lewis about new tech toys and stories.

Slashdot Review: Is a great review of current tech news from Slashdot, Digg and Reddit. Andy McCaskey does a great daily job of keep us current in this concise podcast.

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