Friday, December 07, 2007

Need a Golden Compass to find your way?

Michelle Pulley reminds me about the release of the Golden Compass movie which comes out tonight 12/7.the movie coming out tonight...she suggested this blog from Rick Riodan’s blog, that contains a fellow author's thinking....I like when he says:
I can think for myself, and I give young readers enough credit to believe they can too. Sharing ideas, especially ideas we do not agree with, makes us all stronger thinkers. That is what good education, and good reading, is all about.

I've read some interesting email concerns hovering around these issues. Library podcast Lib Vibe reports that Toronto Catholic boards of education have pulled the series and are considering what to do.

On Teacher Librarian ning I asked: "What do you think this email frenzy and movie release will do for our readers?" So....what do YOU think? :)

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Joanne said...

When a book or movie is controversial, more readers, read the book and more movie goers, watch the movie! I was listening to Alice Cooper on the radio recently, and way back when, when it was reported that on stage he bit the head off a chicken, it in fact wasn't true, but his publicist told him not to deny it. Why you ask? Because it was getting Alice Cooper lots of press and in fact added to his fame!