Friday, May 11, 2007

Phone Home!

OK gang- we just found a way to help collect books at the end of the year. First, we create a list of ALL BOOKS OUT.

Then, we work with our attendance person to set up a parlant call. (Phone Home!) She helped us get our own account using the school software. We input the list of names with overdues and set up the time and date the call will go out. Then- I record a message to the parents and save it. Once we are all done, the calls go out when we specify and the books come rolling in!

Tonight will be the 3rd time we have tried it- and I am amazed it its success! Try it!


LegacyKim said...

Thanks for the idea! Our school has the automated attendance calling system too, so I'm going to try this out.
You're cool!

LegacyKim said...

Speaking of home...
Where are you Guybrarian?
It's June and I don't see any posts on this site.
I bet you're too busy with the ning to do much here so I'll look for you there.
Or call my cell! We have lots of library things to get caught up on.