Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Illinois Senator proposes a "MY SPACE" ban!

Last week, Senator Matt Murphy filed a bill proposing that all social netowrking sites be blocked in ALL libraries.

Take a look at part of the bill-

"Provides that each public library must prohibit access to social networking

Web sites on all computers made available to the public in the library."

I personally don't feel total censorship is going to be the answer. Folks should use find ways to make good decisions and thoughtful responses on their own without being censored. Here is an original post on SLASHDOT.

They are having another, better crafted the Internet Safety Education Act introduced by Dan Kotoski - as TEACH42 says- "it doesn’t sound as flashy as Deleting Online Predators, or Social Networking Website Prohibition Act, but maybe something good can come of it." There are some nice parts to it- take a look! ~guybraian

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